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  Why doesn't my browser button work?  

Currently, browser buttons are supported on PC and Macintosh computers using Internet Explorer (version 6 and up) or Firefox (version 1 and up). However, Macintosh users running Firefox must follow special instructions available by clicking here.

In order for the browser button(s) to work on your computer, your browser must allow JavaScript. You can enable JavaScript on your browser by taking the following steps:

Internet Explorer 6 and 7 users:

  1. From the "Tools" menu, choose "Internet Options."
  2. Select the "Security" page.
  3. Click the "Custom Level" button.
  4. In the "Scripting" section, mark the circle for "Enable Scripting of Java applets."
  5. Click "OK" and "Apply."

Firefox users:

  1. From the "Tools" menu, choose "Options".
  2. Click "Content" tab.
  3. Check the box for "Enable JavaScript."
  4. Click "OK."

Internet Explorer, Firefox and ad blocking programs offer security options that can prevent popup windows and popup advertisements from appearing. While some popup windows and advertising are bothersome, other are useful. Our browser buttons use popup windows that allow you to save, email, or organize links to your favorite Web sites. If you are using browsers pop-up blocking or an ad blocking program and the security feature is set to reject all popups then our browser buttons will not work.

If you still have problems please contact Technical Support

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