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  How do I add the buttons to my browser?  

There are three button images on the browser buttons page. Before you can add any of the buttons to your browser, the toolbar must be visible. If you do not see the toolbar:

Internet Explorer Users:
Go to the View menu in your browser, select Toolbars, and set the Links Toolbar to appear.
Firefox Users:
Go to the View menu in your browser, select Toolbars, and selcect the Bookmark Toolbar.

Once the toolbar is visible,
To add the browser buttons:

  1. Click on one of the browser buttons and hold down your mouse button.
  2. Now drag the browser button towards the toolbar on your browser. It is normal for a black circle with a line through it to appear when you drag the button.
  3. Position the button between two of your pre-existing browser buttons. The circle with the line through it should change to a white square with a symbol in it. A vertical line may also appear on your toolbar.
  4. Release the button on your mouse. The browser button should now appear on your toolbar.

Sometimes a popup message will appear warning you that adding the buttons to your browser might be unsafe. There is no security risk with our browser buttons. The warning you receive is a standard warning that is displayed whenever anything added to the toolbar contains JavaScript.

Repeat this procedure for the remaining browser buttons on the page and you'll be ready to tame the vast wilderness of the World Wide Web!

If you still have problems please contact Technical Support

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